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~  LE1000-2... Featured Gauge  ~

The  NEW  LE1000-2  is simply the Best measurement gauge available, at a very reasonable price.
  • Measuring ranges 12 mm & 25 mm
  • Superb Accuracy: < ±0.2 µm
  • Output to PC or Display
  • Measure in either English or Metric
  • Low force/pressure models available
  • PC model includes ProWedge software


~  LE3000-1... Featured Gauge  ~

The LE3000-1 is designed to meet the need for precise measurement at a very low price.
  • Measuring ranges 15 mm & 25 mm
  • Outstanding Accuracy: to ±1 µm
  • Auto off
  • RS232 data output PC
  • Measuring - English or Metric
  • Maximum reading hold
  • Travel reverse
  • Includes ProWedge software


When you need to measure - think MIA (

  • Specializing in thickness gauges for precision measurement of films, foils, papers, paint and other coatings.

  • Offering only the best individual gauges and complete Integrated Measurement Systems.

  • No job is too small.

  • Same day shipping on many items.

Test and measurement equipment:

Providing our customers with the best available equipment / technology to meet their measurement requirements, at a reasonable price... for over 13 years. We design, manufacture and sell only the highest quality film thickness gauges, coating thickness gauges and displacement measurement equipment. We only offer industry tested, high quality equipment and products. We also design and manufacture our own line of Contact and Non Contact thickness gauges, as well as offering custom measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications. Please come back frequently or call us if you don’t see what you are looking for.
With our selection of in-house tested digital, analog, hand held portable thickness gauges, laser thickness gauges, and other laser measurement equipment, as well as our own custom instrumentation, we can meet ALL your measurement needs. From hand held inexpensive paint thickness gauges to complete process control systems operating at speeds in excess of 1003 fpm.
The majority of end users prefer the simplicity of a digital gauge. However, some desire an analog signal. We can accommodate both with all our gauges (non handheld). With our film thickness gauges, coating and paint thickness gauges we can measure the thickness of a single piece of film, paint on automobiles or concrete, or coatings on wood... and much more.

Custom and standard gauges:
Single and dual laser thickness gauges for on-line and off-line measurement of films, foils, steel, battery films, ceramic films, etc. Miniature sensors for measurements on small parts or in tight places, and spectrophotometer gauges for non contact measurement of thin films, coatings, and multiple layers. We also offer on-line gauges for measuring extruded and cast films. Note: Due to our continuous improvement efforts, the appearance of various gauges on this site may be different than shown.

Who uses our measurement gauges:
Fortune 100 Companies, Automotive, Coating, Extrusion, Battery, Polymer Film, Photographic Film, Glass, Turbine, Rubber, Adhesive, Magnetic Media, and many more companies.
Our test and measurement equipment is used by many diverse industries for measuring the thickness of...
  • Coatings
  • Film
  • Paper / Basis weight
  • Paint
  • Paint on concrete
  • Paint on wallboard / drywall
  • Coating on wood
  • Film Back coat
  • Battery materials
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Ceramic Tape
  • Adhesive
  • Rubber
  • etc.

Other services and products offered:
  • Contract measurement
  • Rental units
  • Signal conditioners - Analog to Digital
  • Laser signal processors for one or two lasers
  • Film standards traceable to NIST traceable standards
  • Ceramic blocks, NIST certified
  • Paint thickness standards

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